About Me

Hi everyone!

I am Sören, a Software developer from Stuttgart, Germany and I'm 27 years old. It is kind of hard to tell which technologies I use, because I love a lot of programming languages.

After university, my first professionally used languages was ABAP, as I used to develop applications for SAP. Later I got into VB and finally C#, which is probably my most used and loved language today. Personally I think, that the programming language is just a tool and it depends on the product, the company and your team which language is the best for the job. For this reason I used a lot more languages in various differen projects including but not limited to: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, C++...

Programming is my passion, because solving complex problems and learning new conecpts is so much fun.

Outside of programming I enjoy hiking, skiing and traveling in general. Sports is my way to clear my head, no matter if it is playing football, running or going to the gym.

While you are here, make sure to check out some of my projects and feel free to send me an email to hallo@soerenchrist.de.